Current 93 "The Seahorse Rears To Oblivion"

The quintessential apocalyptic folk song. The obvious (easy) criticism of this is that it's just too morose, too downbeat, too melodramatic. But without having put too much thought into the subject, I still think it's beautiful. From so much of David Tibet's music you get the sense that he really feels it, he's earnestly, unpretentiously trying to paint his vision of a world of darkness, everything unknown, there is so much to be felt and seen that it is overwhelming to contemplate and maybe depressing to know how much will remain unseen after he dies. And the whole gnostic, early middle age kind of feel to his music is appropriate; it's a time that makes me think of dark forests illuminated by campfires, hushed songs through cracks in stone walls and night skies filled with heavenly strangers. A time when people realized again that they knew nothing? That might be an important thing to keep in mind.

This kind of music doesn't fit among other favorites of mine, like The Tough Alliance and jj, because its narrator maybe isn't someone I'd want to follow the example of. But that doesn't mean I don't totally feel what he's talking about. This essentially is only a poem set to music, but it's an amazing vocal performance. He sounds like he's choking back sobs. I'll always appreciate art that totally, sincerely tries (and succeeds) to embody some kind of aesthetic or period or whatever.

The painting is one of Louis Wain's latest, when his mental health was at its worst. It's a cat. David Tibet loves Louis Wain. Maybe David Tibet sympathizes with what he thinks is a familiar reaction: astral vertigo?


Eternal Summer

I quickly put this mix together, a little shoddy but I hope it's a good reminder that summer hasn't ended yet, and defer your worries about school or whatever so you can focus on what it's like right now. These songs soundtracked my trips to the beach, around town and at the swimming hole in the Delaware water gap. I played these tunes from my car stereo while I learned how to ride my skateboard in parking lots or while I sprayed myself with cold water in the backyard after a long run in the sunny heat. Even when it got dark they lost nothing, since summer nights are so comfortingly warm and it seems like you can smell the sunshine that just left. I really enjoyed these songs, I thought they had great summer vibes, you almost have to squint listening to some of them. So while it's still August, please enjoy this mix.

Endless Summer mixed by Justin Chun

Ducktails "Let's Rock the Beach"
Real Estate "Atlantic City"
Smith Westerns "Tonight" bzzzzzzz
Family Portrait "Mega Secrets" and then, oh oh, oh oh, yeah.
Pearl Harbour "Lost @ Sea" baby, why do you always leave me here all alone?
Javelin "Mossy Woodland"
Delorean "Seasun" i will never be the same again...
The Drums "Let's Go Surfing" sweet sweet baby i'll never let you go...
The Embassy "Stage Persona" ahh...
Beach Fossils "Daydream" i'm not up-set when you're around...
Best Coast "Sun Was High (So Was I)" i thought of you...
Air France "No Excuses" waitin' to fail, but not quite yet
Toro Y Moi "Human Nature" four walls won't hold me tonight
Sorcerer "Chemise"
Atlas Sound "Walkabout (w/ Noah Lennox)" what did you want to be when you grew up?


Favorite song

Chances are I haven't heard my favorite song of all time yet. But like The Orb's "Little Fluffy Clouds"--that's up there. And I remember my moment with that track; a remix of it on beats in space was pretty compelling, but when I heard the original I was blown away! The brisk autumn air in Rickie Lee Jones's voice, the Steve Reich sample that sounds like it's 30,000 ft. in the sky, the random way the different parts take turns gliding in and out of your view were all awe-inspiring. I always let my visceral reaction have most of the say in my opinion of things and the vibe of this track is so clean, like a blast of arctic air that aims straight for the center of your heart. The most refreshing feeling possible. Not so much the chill of winter as the moment you step outside on an orange/brown fall afternoon and realize, wow, for the first time in months, you need to go back in for your jacket.

What if you die and up in the cumuli you ask God what song is the greatest of all time and he's like why do you think heaven looks like this?

Maybe I've heard the apex of human achievement. Probably not, but still!


The xx

um, Young Marble Giants much? haha! But these guys are really good. I'm generally a fan of precision with really restrained stoicism in music. Like Prinzhorn. And they seem to be doing it well.

Amsterdam Acoustics - The XX : Crystalised from Mokummercials on Vimeo.

Also, I couldn't have come up with a better aesthetic; I don't get it, are they goth Micachus? Just kidding, I think it looks really cool. I love British fashion--just went to London, totally awesome. And this is the first wave of bands from England in a while that I don't despise. But seriously: got Young Marble Giants? LOL.