Favorite song

Chances are I haven't heard my favorite song of all time yet. But like The Orb's "Little Fluffy Clouds"--that's up there. And I remember my moment with that track; a remix of it on beats in space was pretty compelling, but when I heard the original I was blown away! The brisk autumn air in Rickie Lee Jones's voice, the Steve Reich sample that sounds like it's 30,000 ft. in the sky, the random way the different parts take turns gliding in and out of your view were all awe-inspiring. I always let my visceral reaction have most of the say in my opinion of things and the vibe of this track is so clean, like a blast of arctic air that aims straight for the center of your heart. The most refreshing feeling possible. Not so much the chill of winter as the moment you step outside on an orange/brown fall afternoon and realize, wow, for the first time in months, you need to go back in for your jacket.

What if you die and up in the cumuli you ask God what song is the greatest of all time and he's like why do you think heaven looks like this?

Maybe I've heard the apex of human achievement. Probably not, but still!


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