Think about the most classic rivalries. Hector vs. Achilles. Apple vs. Microsoft. Harvard vs. Yale. God vs. Adam & Eve. Try this one: LA vs. NYC. People love to take sides here; for every "I Love NYC" there's a "California Dreamin'". I'm about to enter college, probably in NYC (or in innocent bystanders Chicago + Philadelphia, or please...New Haven), but I love LA so much more. Is such infidelity contemptible? I'll probably end up thinking my college/city is the best in the world. Or maybe I'll always be pining for LA, wishing that there was a college there that was at least top 15 (is UCLA? I don't think so) and dreaming about it every time a car drives onto a puddle and splashes me with muddy water or I run to catch a subway and my hand gets stuck in the door and I run along it until I have to drop my attache case and watch it leave or I'm standing in line at a hot dog place and I order but I just say like "a chili cheese dog, please" when I'm supposed to say "gimme a pocket chi-che, no nines" or some code that I don't know and the guy just scowls at me as he takes my order and I see the people behind me all roll their eyes... But at Pink's I can just say "one Harry Potter dog please." Even the grocery stores in LA are beautiful; just look at this video that Rainbow Arabia made which strikes a chord inside me just because they decided to film it at their local Jon's or whatever: (and LA bands are so much better: Pocahaunted, High Places, etc.)

Anyway, it probably doesn't matter, I'll just leave NYC (or Philly or Windy City or [come on!!!] New Haven) after four years. I just hope I don't say stupid stuff like "I escaped that city before it ate me alive" because cities can't do that.


Blogger cijl said...

As much as I love that you love LA, a city that gets a bad rap from the uninformed, I gotta reiterate how silly I think your issues with NYC are. They're just so minute and specific and inconsequential in the scheme of things. I guess it's possible that those two specific examples are connected to some larger, more general sensation that you get from NYC but haven't been able to pinpoint. But as far as I can tell, NYC is a great place for you. Kind of the perfect place for you -- as long as you don't use the city as an excuse to clam up even more. Although LA is probably more isolating than NYC. Also, there's plenty of restaurants in LA that you can make a fool of yourself at. A) who cares, and B) seriously, stop worrying about it.

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Blogger cijl said...

That said, this was a very entertaining and well-written blog post.

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