Kiptok's Complete Scandinavia Journals

This summer from 8/10 to 8/19 I was in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I'll let my journals do the talking, but a few notes: I wrote this on a Palm Pilot, Conhyoung is my oldest brother Hayle and Danhyoung is my other older brother Danny.


I am in Copenhagen and it is fun. Right now I am in a Greek restaurant eating with my brothers about to see the BOREDOMS!!!!! That will rule. See you later! I'm ba-ack! Copenhagen is host to many great sights and people, but I'm a little homesick. I miss my computer, I'd rather write on that than your crappy keyboard. I miss apple sauce, pizza, and everything American. I've had enough Haribo.

SAS sucked!!! The stupid flight attendant kept going "Tea...! Tea...!" What a pain! And the in-flight entertainment had such stinky games and movies. What a bummer! Don't go on SAS! Peace!

At the show now, they go on at "21.30". The scene is cool and it is like a normal concert but everyone is Danish. Danhyoung said hi to their daughter!

Just went to the bathroom (read: poop). Public restrooms in Denmark are not too shabby! Not great either but whatever.

So now we are seated and let me say: AWESOME seats! We are on these steps behind ON the stage. This will rule.

Hey Palm-Palm (that's your new name!), the concert was WONDERFUL. Check my short review. After the show I got "baby bites," which are these weird hot dogs wrapped in bread. Danhyoung got Haribo Salt Bombers, which had a cool pirate ship on the front, but they SUCKED! Obviously salt-covered licorice would be terrible. What was he thinking??? Well, I'm shipping off to bed. Taking a cruise to Bergen tomorrow. Later!



What's up journal, EWWWWW old red guy just ran past me! Oh, where am I? At a café eating lunch. Interesting story, actually. We just checked out and we were looking for a good place to eat that accepted credit cards. After a good hour of searching, exasperated, we walked into a place and asked. They did!!! I bet every single place we went to did. Argh. Later P.P. (your new "nick" [nickname!])!

Woohoo! This place has nachos!!!

I wanted a strawberry-banana smoothie and Danhyoung got a blackberry smoothie. When I asked why not strawberry-banana, Danhyoung called bananas "gross"! Can you believe him? Then Conhyoung got one and when I confronted Danhyoung about this he was like "so what?"!!!

Hello Mr. Palm. How are you this evening? That is simply wonderful. Hear me using good manners? I have to now... Yeah my family is cracking down on me being too quiet. W/THEY ARE SO RIGHT. I HAVE THE MANNERS OF A DIMWITTED 8 YEAR OLD. I HOPE I CHANGE!!

So, I'm in bed now (on the cruise). For dinner I ate some stuff like soufflé and scallops while right next to our table was the "Wild West" restaurant blasting country music and serving wings and burgers. I was jealous while we sat and ate for like 4 hours. Next to us was a table with this old guy and a girl and it was weird, they didn't talk at all. It was all better afterwards, we got our money back from these guys who ripped us off by selling tickets to Harry Potter that wasn't working, then we went to the PC room where I killed Danhyoung at Warcraft III and played this fun game called Pirates!. I came back here and shaved. Well, gotta wake up early to play some more! Night.



OH MY GOD AHHHHHHHRGHHHHHHH I DIDN'T WAKE UP EARLY ENOUGH TO GO PLAY AT BOOMTOWN RAAAAAAAAA. I set my alarm for the wrong day :(. Whatever. I hope we see one in Bergen. Right now it is 8:00 and I'm off to eat, check out Oslo, then train to Bergen! Bye-bye.

As I write this, I am sitting at the best seaside restaurant in Oslo, eating a fish burger lunch. We locked up our bags and walked around where we saw some palace, the Ibsen museum, some wildlife protection exhibit and the Nobel Peace Center. But best of all, we saw a Bollywood shoot! There was a guy doing funny dance moves and stuff, but my video camera ran out of battery right beforehand!!! :( Today is going to suck.

About to board train to Bergen. We checked out the sculpture garden with sculptures by Vigeland featuring crying babies, babies being eaten by wolves, men covered with babies and other stuff. Every sculpture was naked. Further along we saw an obelisk of bodies and granite sculptures of old people. The sculptures made me realize how similar everyone looks when they are naked. I give the park an A-! Later!

On the train now, we have the first five seats in this train and it is a first class cabin. Pretty awesome. We've been spending our time playing cards (which I ruled at), listening to music, watching movies, and sleeping. It's like we are David Lynch movie stars! Conhyoung and I went to the dining car where I got tasty Norwegian pizza and he got a lefsa, which is a pastry that has cinnamon and brown sugar in an all-around delicious combination! The train conductor, a gruff but kind old man, gave us another one for free as "a gift from [I forget]."

The trip has been pretty stellar so far, a possible candidate for ranking up there on the Chun Family Vacation HOF with Bermuda and Torino. So far I'm like a 3.4/10 on the homesick scale. A "chaotic good," if you will. I'm mainly worried about missing so much cross country. I'll run soon though.

I'm excited to explore Bergen and other! Now to get to the hotel, shower, brush teeth, sleep, and wake up at 7 for another day of adventures. Woo!

My prediction was right, today ended with a suck. After the train ride, our hotel didn't have the room we reserved so after lots of time and phone calls, the manager sent us to a free stay at the only vacant hotel in Bergen, the Thon hotel near the airport. He sucks! I hope the hotel costs ¥999999999999. Screw that guy. He's so tall and stuff. I filmed him too, being really nice and unhelpful. Norway so far gets my thumbs down. I will be growling in my sleep tonight. Suuuuuuck.


We're going on a twelve hour tour. After a yogurt and lefsa breakfast, we are now at the train station so we can see some Norwegian towns. Conhyoung and I walked around and we saw a video game room called Spaceworld! It was closed. Gotta keep a mental note to go there later. Oh my good that woman stepped on a wasp!! What gall! So far wasps have been the scariest thing on this trip.

"Chick-en, bac-on..." Uh, dad, the menu's in English! Haha. We are in a small town called Flam. After a pretty train ride, we were dumped here where it has been raining hard for a few hours now and when we entered the train station, the power was out. I needed to go to the bathroom, and as I walked in, a man tapped my shoulder.
"Men," he said, tapping the picture of a man.
"I am a man."
"Oh, sorry."
The bathroom was even worse. I had to pee in pitch black, hopefully in a urinal. Now I'm at a local restaurant, eating taco pizza. Ah, Norwegian cuisine!

We are now at our hotel, an amazing suite with a ton of rooms and the Discovery Channel! After eating a kebab and some fish and chips, I've decided to get in bed early tonight, after "Top 10 Tanks," that is. æææøæøææøææøøøæøæøæøæøøøøææø Check it out I learned some Norwegian. Tomorrow I'm going for a run, then 13 hours on trains to Stockholm! I could write a song about trains after all this! Oh yeah! Closest call of the trip: I dropped my toothbrush on the toilet, it bounced off the side, hit the other side, and didn't fall in! Whew. Night-night. Next stop: Stockholm, baby, Stockholm!!!



Ahhhh, that run was great! I ran on the edge of the world, nothing between me and the beautiful sea. If I lived here I wouldn't suck at running. Stroudsburg is so much uglier than everywhere I've been so far; Bergen is Norway's second biggest city but it has none of the dirty look and feel of many American cities. Back to my salami and cheese sandwich!

I don't want to talk about Spaceworld. :(. I can't wait to get out of this hellhole! Just kidding I like it but I can't wait to board the train to Sweden. I got a taco baked potato!

WooWOO it's rainy! Don't ask me. We saw lots of art by people like Munch and a lot of contemporary art that I thought was great. I liked Arne Malmedal and Kurt Johannessen. Kurt Johannessen was awesome; tables with dirt trapped under glass, piles of talking burnt sticks, and a lot of video art pieces like people holding heavy spheres on their heads and a 15 hour one of the artist filling 3600 glasses of water in a church.

Tonight I'm sleeping on a train. I have my own room and everything. It is pretty neat. Night.



Hey it's 8/14/07 JC saying today will probably be fun!

Nope, I was awoken on the overnight train hours after falling asleep just to get on another train which I am on now. All that is going on is reading and listening to music. BO-RING!

In Stockholm at last, land of The Knife! We walked around for a while, seeing things like the river and old town. We also happened upon Stockholm's "Kulturfest," which I think is some sort of fest of cultures. Staples of Swedish culture were featured, such as people cosplaying as characters like Link, and numerous videogames were being played, particularly Guitar Hero II. Some blond-haired guy with sunglasses was hosting a high-score contest in the Xbox 360 tent. Everyone was sucking so I got in line. I was matched up against some guy. I suggested "Sweet Child O' Mine" on hard; he merely said "expert." I gladly accepted because not to brag or anything but I rule at that song! We both were flawless with the opening riff, but I started missing some here and there but he didn't! Man, what a loser he must be. Long story short I lost; I had 91% and he had 97%. Good thing my mom kept telling me how proud she was of me, that really lifted my spirits!

Fancy fancy fancy! We've only been eating fancy food all vacation! When will we eat some hot dogs or something! Food is the least of my passions.

Those were some tasty meatballs-uh! After a yummy dinner, we walked home to see some bands playing like this bad electronic band and Seun Kuti, who played a protest song with African instruments and some girls dancing all in all like 20 people onstage. That sucked. I bet every other song was a proteset song too, about what no even he knows. So that rocked or worlded or whatever. Running tomorrow!! Night.



Today I ran through historic old Stockholm past churches, up and down alleys and next to rivers! I could've done that for hours but Conhyoung had to poo so we came back after 30 minutes. Breakfast was tasty! Today I think we are going to see the Vasa Museet and Skansen, so you can understand I am super excited. Right?

Wasps! Wasps! They are just ruining my vacation!!! We saw the Vasa Museet today! Vasa is a big ship that sank a while ago. Now it's back and better than ever!

I just saw an elderly scholar-looking guy beat down a wasp! He is the ultimate badass.

So we went to Skansen and saw lots of animals like guinea pigs and wolverines. I chased a goat and made it poo everywhere!


I slept through most of the canal tour, but I think it ruled, I don't know. So then I sought the Xbox tent at the Kulturfest for some more Guitar Hero II domination, but by then it was all packed up! I got there in time for some rapper, I don't know. Teenagers flooded the streets. We then went and I got a French Tjockkorv at my favorite hot dog place. Delicious!!!

Tonight is our last night. What a trip! There were tears (me on the free fall) and there were laughs, oh were there ever! Those are the only two things.

Now I'm about to go to bed for the last time... We came in early tonight and played Go-Stop, which I ruled at by the way, and Set, which I ruled at by the way, and watched Donnie Darko. Wow this trip really changed me... Good night!



Yay, I'm back in this hellhole! Sweden was too much of a heavenhole! I'm simultaneously excited to be back and dreadful of cross country. Right now, Danhyoung, our parents and I are eating at a Korean food place. Ugggggghhhhhh, I hate Korean restaurant. Ooh my food is here!


Richard Serra!!!!!!!!

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When I lived in NYC

I stayed in NYC for a few days, boy what a self-discovery that was! I really learned a lot about myself as I saw The Police and went to see Richard Serra's thing at MoMA and saw Sosha for a day and then went home by Greyhound. That last part's the kicker: I did a lot of soul-searching on that bus, experiencing, well, America. This is where America really is: on Greyhound buses. I saw a diverse variety of people, mostly silently awaiting their destinations to get wherever they were headed and minding their own business. Just by observation, I could induce a lot of things from a myriad of diverse faces; from the fat guy sleeping next to me to the couple sleeping in front of me. All I can say is I'm a changed person; that bus ride from NYC to NE PA was a total catharsis! Here are Police pics: