K. TOKs White Rabbits

What's it like to live life to its fullest, with your best friends in tow? And what's it like to play great music by day, party by night, and rock out by early morning (again, with your best friends in tow)? Well, White Rabbits are living that life and are now sharing their good times with you. In the new video for their exhilarating single "The Plot", White Rabbits provide a short glimpse into their journey on the road, and you'll see that even though the Pitchfork Recommended band has undeniable talent at playing some of the catchiest tunes this side of indie rock, they're still a bunch of buddies who love goofing around. Quirky, hilarious memories involving dogs, running through fields, and even fake owls are just some of the good times they have had. After all, these guys haven't forgotten that the real pleasure in touring comes from the adventure and not the destination (stardom).

So step into their shoes,--preferably not when they're flooring it into the triple digits(!)--rock out like no one's watching (because it's okay to be a little crazy sometimes), and watch the band's new video to experience just what's it like to have the time of your life with five of your best friends--and to make some of today's best music along the way. Enjoy it! They sure did.
--Justin Chun


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