Shut Up I Am Dreaming Of The Weekend (or The Man Man Are Called HorseMen Men There)

90+ page assignment due sometime next week, essay due thursday, photo day so we can still look our summer best thursday, race friday, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

first concert I'm going to with Chelsea and her first indie concert and we're meeting her Temple friends Cory and Ian and undoubtedly we'll talk music and eat scores of cheese steaks from Jim's the perfect pre-concert meal for--who better?

This couldn't be better if CSS came in and gave me a gift certificate for $500 of Jim's steaks while Boredoms played circle and while Lovefoxxx jumps between the crowd and stage, J Mascis and eYe sing a duet of improvised words to the Super Mario Bros. theme played by The Advantage and Black Dice comes in and they play a totally made-up crazy version of Duck Tales - Moon and Stuart Murdoch invites me to dance but he gets suffocated by Will Butler who then cues Brian Wilson to start singing "Good Vibrations" with not the Wondermints but Black Dice/Boredoms/CSS/Advantage/Black Dice and T.I. freestyles over the theremin part and I rehydrate myself with a nice bottle of Banana Colada Fuze.

Why? Because that would be terrible!

Besides the $500 in steaks of course


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